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The cornerstone program of the organization is a three-day football skills and career development camp, The Game Plan. This program immerses high school football players in an intensive and interactive program designed to provide athletes with an opportunity to advance their skills to succeed on and off the field, while also identifying what success looks like outside of their physical abilities.


As MRN grows we will introduce a year-long program that continues the development of aspiring athletes through education, training, career exploration, and mentorship. The program will occur on a monthly basis with a select group of student-athletes. We believe this continued interaction and additional support will allow us to truly make a meaningful impact on the lives of the athletes we touch, and will increase their chances to recognize and achieve their full potential.


Through our programs and three-day camp, our athletes will be empowered to maximize opportunities that lead to a successful future regardless of what level of collegiate or professional sports success is achieved. We are passionate about being an organization that services aspiring athletes between the ages of 14 -18, and helps change the image of what success can look like to underprivileged students who are often forgotten about in underfunded districts. Currently, Pensacola has one of the highest high school dropout rates in the country. We believe that the content and knowledge set forth through MRN’s principles can inspire hope and provide encouragement to the area’s athletes who have the desire to reach for the stars. We can ensure that students will find strength and clarity for their future whether or not it involves a career in professional sports.

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