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Building on the success of the three-day career and football development camp, Mr. Robbins Neighborhood created The Playbook. The nine-month program empowers athletes to move from conceiving a Game Plan to developing a Playbook of skills, knowledge and tools that can be applied to achieve a series of wins throughout their life. 

In The Playbook, high school student-athletes are challenged to Own Their Dream by learning what it takes to be successful in the business of sports as well as in pursuits off the field. Through a series of intensive, once a month programs designed exclusively for The Playbook, participants are provided with a multitude of resources and education to inspire each athlete to assess options, discover new dreams, identify and capitalize on opportunities and put actionable steps in place to achieve goals.


During each Saturday meeting, athletes participate in a variety of activities that include exposure and exploration of careers, community projects, insider exposure to football as a business, college readiness tools and prep, building healthy relationships, engaging and networking with local business leaders, participation in cultural activities and development of life skills. Each program is designed to propel athletes forward to success. Beyond the monthly programs, The Playbook offers optional tutoring and other engagement opportunities for participants. At the end of the program, each athlete will have the tools to put together their own playbook for success. Mr. Robbins Neighborhood has begun accepting applications for the 2021-2022 Playbook Program.

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Know a student that is ready to Own their Dream and would benefit from participating in The Playbook? Click the link below to sign up!

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